Barren Earth

Another Terrain Paint DDS file available at the Rejected Repository.  This one was a stock photograph which I've just spent hours making seamless.  I intend to use Barren Earth, and others to create Elysium, the city I'm basing my untitled Sims 3 story in.  (Title suggestions are very welcomed)  This image is free to use.  However, do not claim ownership, nor try to sell this file and don't mirror host (link instead).  A link back is not necessary but appreciated.  I like to see everything my work inspires, so would be pleased to see your usage.  Screenshots would be fantabulous.

Download Barren Earth at the Rejected Repository.  More to come!  Hope to see some great CaW creations using my textures.  I'm very excited about Create-a-World and looking forward to building a new world from the ground up.

Additional Credits:

CaW Terrains

Obviously, I'm all psyched for the Create-a-World possibilities and have been trying to build a resource for new world creators.  I'm eager to see what everyone comes up with.  I'm using only stock/free use images.  You will be able to find my complete collection of DDS files at the Rejected Repository.  You have permission to upload to Exchange or wherever with these terrains.  Just don't sell these or claim as your own.  Credit is appreciated, but not necessary.  Link backs are best.

Latest additions are: Conifer, Flaky Stone, Green Plant, Grey Rock, Plant Leaves, and Thread Plate.  You can find these and more at Rejected Repository.

Additional Credits:
  • MaxTextures Free Section for Conifer, Flaky Stone, Green Plant, Grey Rock, Plant Leaves, and Thread Plate.  Thanks to their beautiful seamless textures, there was minimum adjustments needed to convert to DDS files.  Just a few minor adjustments actually.  Check out their stuffs to make your own.

Rejected Repository

DDS file location

Creating ground cover is easier than ever with the Create-A-World Tool.  Simply drag and drop your DDS files straight to your Documents >> Electronic Arts >> The Sims 3 Create A World Tool >> UserToolData >> SourceTextures folder and you're done!  Then under Terrain Paint tool in the editor, choose your base layer (or add new layer), edit it, choose your new texture and pick your material.  Simply press the auto-paint to do complete cover, or whip out your favorite brush to slap it on.

I've created a few fantasy textures to get you started.  All my stock image DDS files will be free use policy.  I do request link back, but don't require it.  I would like to see the finished projects my files were used to create.  Just don't claim you created them, or sell them or any derivation of them.  This is free, only stock textures were used to create them, and free it shall remain.  I'll post up link backs to stock materials used.

You can find all my CaW creations in the Rejected Repository on the Rejected Wiki.  Please check out the entire Create-A-World section for tips and tricks, tutorials and walkthroughs, and forum links.

Veri Lucere

Download (Make Up)
Download (Sim)

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: None
Weight: Boney
Traits: Kleptomaniac, Genius, Computer Whiz, Lucky, Daredevil

Veri is an orphan, raised on the streets. Being so small and quiet, she found she had a natural talent at sneaking around. People talk freely around her because she's deaf. But she can read lips from across the room, which makes her the perfect procurer of secrets. She's also a very talented thief, with a knack for hacking systems. She's fallen in love with her childhood friend, Saban, but never tells him so. There's a strong bond between them that goes beyond just love and friendship. Now her latest job is a little more than she can handle alone. She enlists Saban to help her. Which was a wise choice when they come head to head with a horde of zombies.

Vermillon is the star of my Sims 3 story, which is still in the works.  I'm waiting for the Create a World  in order to create Elysium, the futuristic post-apocalyptic city where the story takes place.  Elysium is a city in ruins, one of the few that remain standing.  I don't yet have a title for the story, and you're welcome to make suggestions @RejectedSims for this story --> which you can read the beginning at the Rejected Wiki.

**Update** -- Beginning of the End

I've finally gotten the much needed new video card, and will be soon back to creating contents again.  What have I been up to in the meantime?  Writing a Sims story!  I haven't created my characters yet, but you'll be seeing them available here soon and the stories fleshed out with screen shots.  It's in a rough draft, but go ahead and see what I've got so far.  Right now, there's no title and just a meager beginning to a chapter.  But I'd love feedback.  I'm a fledgling writer, and feedback on how my flow and writing style work is definitely appreciated.  It's a zombiepocalypse futuristic world with hopefully an interesting and unique take on that.  A story I've been wanting to write for some time, only as a comic book/graphic novel.  Your feedback may help me actually go through and publish such.  So please, check it out, don't be afraid to critique.  I know I'm an artist, not a writer, but I like to dabble.  I'm a sci-fi/fantasy fanatic that loves anime and British comedies.  I hope to convey some of that in my story.

Chapter One: Beginning of the EndThis is a featured page

V: The Final Battle Posters & Flag (New MESH!)

I've finally created my own mesh and it works!!!  It's a very simple mesh, all I did was stretch an existing object and bend the hanger bar a bit.  Everything I tried to make through TSR was an epic fail, which is a shame, I had some pretty looking meshes.  Probably too many vertices and such any way.  So I did it the s3pe/Object Tool way and that worked.  Now, anyone thinking of recoloring it, does have my permission to do so, but be fore warned, I didn't add vertices, I only stretched them, so the image area is really only good for the top, which suits my needs fine.  The Visitor's flag in the old show was only in the top portion.  Though, now, looking back over my reference images, it seems hanging flags were sideways, whereas horizontal flags the symbol is depicted like this.  Was this an oversight in the original series, or was it just that the Visitors are aliens so they hang signs weird?  Lols!


Okay, my computer's video card is fried toast with a side of fubar, so there's no screenshots for anything else.  If anyone wishes to submit screenshots to the Wiki, you are more than welcomed.  The following downloads are the packages only, as I really can't do anything with TSR Workshop at the moment, so my apologies to anyone who'd prefer the Sims3Pack files.

It is unknown how long my main computer will be down.  So, I regret to inform everyone I will not be able to make anything for a bit.  However, I will still take portrait requests.  If you send me screens of your favorite sims, I'll draw and render them into an image which can be converted into an in-game object.  Not sure if I'll be able to create the object for you, but I might request the help of my fellow creators.  Well, wish me luck on figuring out what to do about the video card.  For updates on the state of my computer, follow me on

*NEW* Rejected Wiki!

Announcing the new Rejected Wiki!  Add your stories, videos, pictures, links and more directly into the site.There's a forum and chatroom and private IM with GillianIvy, founder of The Rejected.  The wiki is just opened, but will host things like tutorials and you can even add your own downloads

Grave Angels & DC Photography

Download (Silverbane Set)

Download (GillianIvy Set)

The first set depicted is the photography of my boyfriend, Silverbane.  These pictures were taken at a graveyard in Arlington, VA.  A total of six paintings in the set.  All are depicting angelic figures.  The second set is some of my own, very colorful photography, taken around Arlington and DC.  I enjoy taking night photography with long exposures to let the light "paint" the canvas.  The set is a total of 4 paintings.  All total is 10 paintings.

The download links take you to the folders which contain the Sims3Pack files only.  For paintings, I will likely only be doing Sims3Pack, unless it is requested otherwise.  These include new and improved custom thumbnails (I'm finally getting the hang of this whole thumbnail thing) with "The Rejected" upload thumbnail.  There are two reasons I chose to use Sims3Pack instead.  1). No third party software or game modifications required to install.  2).  These have custom launcher icons and you can choose display only custom items in catalog to find easily.  My apologies to anyone who'd prefer .package files, please feel free to request packages instead as I do make both files anyway.

Abstract Photography Set

Download Folder (Please note .rar = Package files and .Sims3Pack = Sims3Pack files)

Series of six abstract photographs by my boyfriend, Silverbane.  These were done by using a long exposure (unsure what specific camera settings he used) and pointing the camera at some fluorescent lights and neons and spinning it around back and forth.  Very neat effects for such a simple feat XD  I've done minor editing to add a little bit of a canvas texture albeit unnoticeable in game.

Now I've uploaded Sims3Pack versions of these as well.  So, the above download link is to the entire folder.  The folder contains BOTH the package and sims3pack files.  You only need one or the other.  There is a .rar file titled with "ALL" in the name, it contains all package files.  If you want to download everything, just get that one file.  The Sims3Pack files are not zipped at all, so you can identify easily which is which.  I may begin using primarily Sims3Pack files for ease of download.  Those files will be installed by the Sims 3 Launcher and should have no problems.  You can also easily find these items in game by choosing to show custom content only.

Additional Credits:


Sacred is a design I had created as a symbol for a fictional band some friends and I conceived of.  All in complete humor of course.  We were a bunch of chicks, whom none of us play instruments and are in no way musicians.  However, we would be called "Sacred Snatch" so guys would bow down and worship our greatness.  For men worship the sacred snatch ;D  So, I've shortened the title of this to just "Sacred" so it won't be overly offensive, as apparently, some people are offended by "Sacred Snatch".  If you're one of those people, too bad.  It's a tribal snatch tattoo, so maybe this isn't the tattoo choice for you.  It's in no way graphic, just symbolic.  And besides, it's probably the prettiest knotwork I've ever designed, as I'm terrible with symmetry.  No need to point out symmetrical errors, I'm perfectly aware of them ;P  Warning, this tat is so hawt your sim may spontaneously catch fire.  (not really, she's a pyro so sets herself on fire)

Additional Credits:

Custom Sims 3 Portraits (Update Link to Gallery)

Download (Hayden)
Download (Jiro)
Download (Sapphire)
Sims3Pack version
These three portraits are custom art.  Hayden and Jiro are both gifts for NewOne of two of her most popular sims.  You can download them on One Billion Pixels, or from her MTS profile.  Both are sketches which I've given a matching sepia tone so they coordinate with each other.  This is her surprise, she has no clue!  ;D  NewOne, I hope you like these!

Sapphire is a character drawing done for MsPixel13 as per request.  Sapphire is from her sim story on her LiveJournal.  It has a mature rating, if you would like to read it, you may contact her for permission.  She chose which screenshot she wanted converted into art, and I chose how I would adapt it.  This is a colorized sketch.  Similar in style to how black and white photos are colorized.

I am now taking more character art requests.  Please see my art gallery on DeviantArt to get an idea of what styles I draw.  I can do quite a variety, ranging from anime to watercolors.  I also do a very unique style, which I call Gel Pen Art, which I use negative and positive space in order to achieve some interesting visual effects.  I typically use silver or gold gel pens against a black or dark background.

Please e-mail me with any sim portraits or custom art requests, or post a comment here.  I do NOT work on a schedule.  I am horrible with deadlines.  I am currently working on a large number of various projects (see list here), and get to each when I feel like it and in no particular order.  All custom art may be draw by hand or I also do digital graphics.  I can attempt to emulate famous works, if you give me a reference image to go by.  I will then convert the image to a Sims 3 painting, you may choose the mesh, or I will choose the one I deem best suited for the image size and composition.  But if you have one in mind before I do the artwork, it is best to send me a screenshot, or link to mesh you want me to use.

Edit~ 11/07/09

Also, I've uploaded the actual drawings of these portraits to my DeviantART gallery.  I've created a folder for Sims 3 Portraits, so you can see all present portraits I have done.

Golden Plated Florets

Download (Normal/Matte finish)
Download (Ultra Shiny)

This pattern was based off of a stock image of gold plating with a Japanese floral design hammered into it.  A truly beautiful sheet of metal.  But it looks good on clothes and upholstery and even your walls, not just metal.  I've included two separate files, Matte and Shiny.  The shiny is super high contrast.  So might not look good on things like couches.  That's where the matte comes in handy.  There's only one color channel, but there are 3 sizes.  Large, medium and small.  It even looks pretty good to put the large on a stenciled t-shirt, so the stencil overlays the patterns.  Cool effect.

Additional Credits:

Lovecraft & Sunburst Body Tats


I present to you, my first ever tattoo set.  There are two pieces.  Lovecraft, which is a tattoo design I drew for my second ex-fiance (that's right, two ex-fiances, go me!).  The design is based off of a cover art for an HP Lovecraft book which depicts lots of skulls, a tree with a spider web cocoon wrapped around a body and some rats and spiders.  Perfect for spooky Halloween sims.  I know neither which book it's from nor the name of the artist, I'm sure a little Googling and I can scrounge them up, when I do (or if you know, please don't hesitate to send me the links), I'll add in the credits where they are due.  A link to my artwork version will be at the bottom of this post.  The second is a simple stripey tribal burst pattern.  I call it Sunburst.  It was a design from a stock paintbrush set posted at DeviantART, the link to get that set and credit to the creator will be at the bottom of this post.  Though it is two tone, and I even set up two color channels, I was unable to recolor it in CAS, it kept skipping to the socks or earrings or random other accessory.  If anyone knows a solution to that, please let me know.  Fortunately, I made it a lovely shade of red ;D

Also, I've created custom thumbnails so you can easily find these.  They are categorized under bracelets, following KittyKlan's Tattoo Slot Placement Conventions, which I will attempt to conform to in order to keep my creations layerable with her tattoos.  So chances are, if you have any Robokitty/KittyKlan tattoo's, you will be able to mix and match with mine.  These are both under bracelet to represent chest tattoo.  If you wish to recategorize yours to fit your needs you will need the program CTU or TSR Workshop and will have to manually change which category.  For help with either program, please see those programs threads/tutorials.  Apologies for the fact my thumbnails text doesn't line up, the image you need to make the thumb is square, but in CAS, it is not.  And I didn't realize this and did not save a PSD file of my thumbs and really didn't want to remake them.  Next time will be better.  I had a whole heapload of trouble getting my thumbs to show up properly, but that's a whole 'nother story right there!

Additional Credits:

Model Sim:
Thanks to MS3B for featuring these (and commenting)!

Japanese Theme Patterns

Dragon w/Cherry Blossoms
These were designed for the Builder's Boulevard resources with the Japanese themed neighborhood in mind. These are free to use. However, do not redistribute claiming as your own, nor upload to pay sites. You may include with your lots or Sims, however, please give credit/link back in either description, story or in your blog sections and please notify me of usage.  This pattern comes in 2 sizes. It features a unique specular mapping, so only certain parts should be shiny. (tested in game, seems super shiny, but good for satin fabrics) I do not know the meaning of the Kanji, however a moderator looked it up to find out it means "cherry blossom" ;D

Japanese Dragon Script

This pattern is designed for the Builder's Boulevard resources for the Japanese theme. There are 2 sizes with various 'dirt' layers. Layer 3 or 4 would be dirt layer. Default specular. If there's only 2 layers, it's the clean version with only two recolorable channels. 8 patterns total for this set. The screenshots with the stacks of blocks are illustrating the variances. Dirt1 and 2 are very slight, DoubleDirt is very drastic, it has both Dirt1 and 2. The effects you can achieve can alter the entire color of the pattern as an accent or add a bit of grunginess or even blood (without the splatter, more just excess red)

More to come!

Additional Credits:
  • These patterns were created using Delphy's Pattern Packager

Dragon Floral Credits:
ONLY Stock PS Brushes were used

Dragon Script Credits:

ONLY Stock PS Brushes were used

Thank you to those wonderful creators who made it a lot easier than drawing all of that by hand myself. ;D Considering I hate drawing scales and my flowers suxor. I'd need a reference any way.

The moderator who reviewed your submission also had the following suggestions/hints:
I looked up your character for you... it means "cherry blossom". You can edit your text with that info if you like
So thanks to the moderator who researched that for me. And that's cool since I used it with Cherry Blossoms in the pattern. I must've known on a subconscious level due to all the anime I've subjected myself to.

Some New Goodies On My Blog

Hey Guys!

Just want to post here I have some new goodies for y'all:

20 Knuckle Tattoos For Both Gender (From Teen - Elder/Recolorable)

And 8 Layered Shirts For YA/A Male

Where to get them?
Come check my blog One-Billion-Pixels [O.B.P]

See you there!

P.S. Thank you so much Gillian for this! :)

My New Blog Is Up

Hey All!

It's me NewOne.

Just want to let you know my new blog One-Billion-Pixels (unusual name, I know :) is up now.
You can come and check any time you want.
I'm planning to upload my stuffs to 3 places: MTS, The Rejected and my blog.

Hope to see you there!

NewOne :)

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Super Pogimon's Sims (Zombie & Vampire)

Super Pogimon who made these sims

Patient X


Mr. Fertilizer Man


(except Patient X, which EA removed)

Custom Contents Used:
(Super Pogimon, I don't know CC for Patient X, can you post in comments please? I copied this info from the Halloween Showcase thread, let me know if I need to make any changes)

Make Up

GillianIvy is the awesome! :)


For more spine chilling pictures link here

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