Veri Lucere

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Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: None
Weight: Boney
Traits: Kleptomaniac, Genius, Computer Whiz, Lucky, Daredevil

Veri is an orphan, raised on the streets. Being so small and quiet, she found she had a natural talent at sneaking around. People talk freely around her because she's deaf. But she can read lips from across the room, which makes her the perfect procurer of secrets. She's also a very talented thief, with a knack for hacking systems. She's fallen in love with her childhood friend, Saban, but never tells him so. There's a strong bond between them that goes beyond just love and friendship. Now her latest job is a little more than she can handle alone. She enlists Saban to help her. Which was a wise choice when they come head to head with a horde of zombies.

Vermillon is the star of my Sims 3 story, which is still in the works.  I'm waiting for the Create a World  in order to create Elysium, the futuristic post-apocalyptic city where the story takes place.  Elysium is a city in ruins, one of the few that remain standing.  I don't yet have a title for the story, and you're welcome to make suggestions @RejectedSims for this story --> which you can read the beginning at the Rejected Wiki.

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