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I've discovered that the Wetpaint host has transferred all their domains to Wiki Foundry instead.  If you have a Wetpaint file, try changing your url to find your site.

Mine was formerly it has changed to

The Builders Boulevard (BB) database is still backed up in my Wiki.  So it is still accessible from when Wetpaint Injected was discontinued from  I never received a notice from Wetpaint when they switched their platform, they notified about the Injected being shut down, but did not give notice of Wiki Foundry take over.  This change was implemented in July and a brief search on Google shows people are still looking for their wikis.  If you were signed up at wetpaint, whether or not you were an owner, it might be good to share the information with others as there is nothing on their site about it.  I only found out about Wiki Foundry because Wikipedia says this: 
"In July 2013, the wiki platform moved to a new company, WikiFoundry."  
Only one line in regards to this.  I'm glad my files are all retrievable, so only my links to them are incorrect.  A redirect would have been nice.  Considering I'm a creator of two wikis and a member of 5 more, I would have appreciated a head's up. I've left a forum post about the BB database backed up on my wiki.

Man, it has been a long time since I've done anything with my Sims 3 stuff, and seriously neglected the layout of this blog.  I've been playing my game again, had taken a bit of a hiatus and do not even have all my CC installed.  Also, my attention is mostly devoted to the home education of my first grade son.

Alright, now to go fix my links....

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