Gel Pen Art **Mature Content**

Original art by GillianIvy, my Gel Pen Art can be found on DeviantART. I really enjoy the effect of silver and gold and light colored gel pens on black paper. Mostly I use silver, all the colored ones I've given to friends and no longer have access to. I'll just have to make more. Please enjoy. If you use any of my art in your lots please include a link and credit back to me, thanks! Do NOT redistribute or claim as your own, cheers.

Additional Credits:

Abstraction Triptych Painting

One of my original artworks transfered to the Sims, again. Previously, this design was uploaded for the Sims 2 as a mural set, Wall Mural Art "Full Poster Overlay"by GillianIvy, using poster overlays. No such thing exists yet, so I've recolored the Triptych Jazz Painting. No other downloads are required for this recolor. This has it's own thumbnail in catalog and is priced at 2300 Simoleons (I think). I know it's pretty pricey, but if you want it cheaper, then either edit the package yourself, or use a cheat like "freeRealestate" or "kaching", "motherlode", etc.

Additional Credits:

Chapel Memorial Park

Another build designed for the Build n' Share weekly challenges. This was for the 4th of July Uncle Sam wants a Park challenge. Everyone else did red, white and blue. I didn't. I know it doesn't look like a 4th of July celebration spot, but hey, I wouldn't go to some park with tons of flags stripes and stars... And I wanted something that was year round versatile. No one else (at the point I began my idea for my build) had a beach park, and no one had a wedding chapel. So BAM! Combined the two ideas and there you go.

It's a simple community lot with a single gazebo style chapel and a guest area with mini bar, big enough for about 24 guests. There's a reception area with banquet tables and music that overlooks the ocean. There's a play area for the kiddies beside the outdoor bathroom area. There's also simple picnicking areas with grills and a nice central fountain for a bit of relaxation and reading.

No custom content was used in this build. You may want to either dispose of the balloons as all sims automatically want to view them and can't because they're on the roof. Or I believe someone made a mod which may disable the whole foot stomp tantrum thing. Don't know if it'll stop them from trying to view it in the first place.... Mod the Sims has been having serious download and browsing problems lately, so good luck finding it, I couldn't go fetch the link.

Mickey Hoodies for Kids

Download (Clean version)
Download (Grunge)
--->>Download (ALL)<<---

These were my original plan for Mickey Unisex Tops for Child, however in the original version of CTU it wasn't working, so I changed to Mickey Mouse Star - Kid's Long T's. Which were much more flashy and pretty. Well I decided to revisit my original package to see if it would magically work. But ended up having to redo all the DDS images (base images to be used in the Package format). So I decided to make a grunge version as well, which goes well with the theme of this site. I really love how the grunge came out, a subtle difference which makes these tops look washed, worn and loved.

Additional Credits:
  • Delphy with his uber amazing CTU, and the whole CTU team. (Go Jack Bauer!!!)
  • Location in screens is Chapel Memorial Park by GillianIvy.
  • Rust Brushes by gdfr (for the grungificationing)

Llama Llama Llama Yeti...

Four color channels. Channel 3 is a subtle yeti which can be hidden by adjusting from white to black variations (depends on your other colors). I only created one size of this, as anything smaller would lose too much detail. You can blend out large or small Llamas, they are on separate channels. Channel order: Background texture, Tiny Llamas, Hidden Yeti, Big and Small Llamas.

Additional Credits:
Flabaliki for extracting Sims 3 icons and putting it in an uber awesome PNG and ICO download on MTS ----> 405 Sims 3 Icons

Oops... My Apologies

If anyone has had difficulty downloading my files, please go ahead and try again. I had been doing the direct link to the .rar files not knowing that Mediafire cycles direct links periodically in order to charge for the service of allowing you to directly link it on your page. So I've put in the correct links now so everyone can download.

If there's still any problems with the links, let me know. You should also be able to go to all my publicly shared files, which are organized and named in a way which should be easy to find.

I've also added descriptions and/or tags to files. There's one Sims 2 file, which I may upload here and add a tag for Sims 2 uploads (all lumped together)

Moody T's for Moody Teens

(Mischa & Rita)

(Charlie & Jeannie)

(Carmen & Kayla)
Have you got some moody teens? Well, I've got some Moody T's for you! 22 moodlets to meet your teen's ever changing temperaments. Whether she's afraid of the dark, or overexcited, she'll be able to express herself loud and clear with these expressive shirts. No more wondering what's on her mind, she'll tell you. If your teen's not talking, these shirts will.

This shirt is in all Simlish style. With Simlish logo "Moody T" and the Simlish slogan "Got Moodlet?", your teen Sims will be styling in these fully recolor/patternable scoop neck tops. And the 22 images are genuine Simlish moodlets. How can you go wrong? Get her a Moody T today!

Currently only available for female teens, as 22 moods is quite a bit to do, and all I'm doing for today! More moodlets to come ;D

~Edit~ 08/18 Two More Teens

Introducing Beckie and Roxie. Best friends and quite the interesting pair. Their shirts reflect their traits a bit. Roxie tends to be overexcited, overemotional and easily distracted by pretty shiny objects that are awesome. Beckie is very attentive and actually cares what you have to say too. Whether it's what you ate for breakfast, or your campaign to end world hunger, she's all ears and will tell you everything you want to hear.

Additional credits:
  • All hail the great and awesome Flabaliki for being great and awesome and making 405 Simlish PNGs and ICOs! Get them here ----> 405 Sims 3 Icons
All models made by myself. More to come, will have a total of 22 teens that fit each mood of each shirt ;D

Moody T's for Moody Teens by GillianIvy

(I'll fill in later)


(I'll fill in later)

(I'll fill in later)

Death isGood

"Death is Good" is a registered trademark used with permission by Tony Tribby of Clothes That Kill! More in this series to come. If you love these for your Sims, you'll love them even more for yourself. Have a look at some of the entertaining designs they have:

Additional Credits:
  • Delphy's CTU, without which Sims 3 would be lame.
  • Daluved's CTU tutorials, for teaching me Greek. ;D

Model Sims-

  • (Simlish pic) Kevin, mybf. You can't have him! But I'll upload his sim soon.
  • Bill Compton of True Blood by me! He's looking a little peekish, anyone have some Type B to spare, negative prefered.

Women In Black

The O'Hara Sisters a.k.a Women In Black

These two amateur thieves are looking for job, are you hiring?
Please read their Bio before you make decision.

Scarlett O'Hara

Born in July 7th 1985 in New York (24 years old)
Scarlett was onlytwo years old when her mother died in car accident.
Six months later her father remarried to a Frenchwoman, Isabelle D'Aubigne,
who gave him another child - Scarlett's half sister.

Some stats
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Lanky
Weight: Boney
Hair/Eyes Color: Dark red/Light Green
Traits: Kleptomaniac, Athletic, Flirty, Great Kisser, Dislike Children
Likes: Clasiccal, Sushi and Black

Here's an interview I did with Scarlett

Me: So Scarlett, why are you wearing that hat?
You look like a magician you know.
Scarlett: Well, I am sorta a magician.
Me: Really? You know how to do the tricks?
Scarlett: Yes. I can make things dissapear.
Me: Wow, that sounds cool. How you do that?
Scarlett: Why, by stealing them of course!
Me: O.o

Pics of Scarlett

Madeline O'Hara

Born in March 13th 1989 in Paris. She's the half sister of Scarlett.
Madeline is only 20 years old when she decided she wants to be a thief.
She speaks both English and French fluently.

Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Lanky
Weight: BoneyHair/Eyes
Color: Honey Brown/Green Olive
Traits: Brave, Commitment Issues, Handy, Kleptomaniac, Athletic
Likes: Custom Music/Lobster Thermidor/Black

And here's an interview I did with Madeline
Me: Madeline, ce que...ce que vous aimez faire dans... dans votre temps libre? (I was gonna ask her what she loves to do in her free time)
Madeline: Oh please, just speak in English! I cannot understand you at all with that weird accent. Sheesh.
Me: Yes, Mam (face red)
Madeline: Are you doing this interview with me for the job I'm looking for?
Me: Yes. And why if I may ask?
Madeline: Can you add in my CV that I'm single and looking?!
Me: But Madeline..
Madeline: Just do it!
Me: Yes, Mam! (face red again)

You see simmers, I really need your help to find them job.
So if you're interested in hiring them I'll be really happy :)

Pics of Madeline

As always, I used Rick+Delphy's CAS Slider Hack to make Scarlett and Madeline. So you need this hack (Body+Facial) before you download these sims, if not their facial sculpture won't be the same (yes I sculpted them, in CAS ;) they will revert to their default faces (I guarantee you they look freakish)
And, this is optional but I used HP' Default Skin Replacement to make them (just the Facial Skin but you can use both Body and Facial skin)

Enjoy and Happy Simming, Everyone!

Rick & Delphy, for the hack
HP, for the skin

Hachiro Yamazaki

The first asian male sim I have in my game.
I really like him. I think he's unique. What do you think? ;)
Comment/critique are more than welcome.

Hachiro Yamazaki

From Japanese 八 (hachi) "eight" and 郎 (rou) "son".
This was traditionally a name for the eighth son.
(But no, he doesn't have another 7 siblings plus parents in my game.
How in the world am I gonna play them? XD)
So this is just made up by me/fiction ;D


Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Lanky
Weight: Boney
Childish, Slob, Coward, Artistic, Insane
Sushi (of course :), Custom Music, Hot Pink (oh yeah, baby :)

More Pics

If you like him enough and want him in your game, download

Sorry but I didn't packaged him with the hair in the pic (it's store content, boo)

As always, I made him with Rick+Delphy's CAS Slider Hack (both Body and Facial)
so you need this hack before you download him to get the same look and it won't revert.
You can get it here

And I also used HP Default Skin Replacement (just Facial Skin) but this is optional.
You can get it here

Enjoy & Happy Simming Everyone!

Rick and Delphy, for the hack
HP, for the skin

"Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery"

"Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery"

(Click the pics to make them bigger)

Hello All! :)
No, this time I didn't make sims but shirts.
All of these I got from Graphic Design Free Resources,
So they're real shirts.
And since I like them A LOT I decided to make 10 for y'all. :)
I hope you like it.


Enjoy and Happy Simming, Everyone!
"Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery"

10 Stencil shirst for YA/A Male
Available in
everyday, formal, sleepwear, athletic, swimwear category
and recolorable (except for the stencils)
Non Default and they don't replace any shirt.

If you want different version of these shirts,
you can get them here




Models By Me:

Ethan, from here
Ian, from here
DexteR, from here
Paul, from here
Aidan (Unreleased)

Custom Content I used:

Hairs by
Piercings by Amvalvo
Tats by Robokitty & Lurania
Piercing by Aikea (Not Final)


Delphy for the great CTU Tool
Graphic Design Free Resources for the vector shirst

Saban Webb - Rejected Exclusive

"Saban", real name James Webb, is a social butterfly. He loves crowds and nightclubs and partying all night long. And it all loves him right back. His only aspiration is to become extremely popular and loved by everyone. Which with his charm and silver tongue, and of course, his awesome dance moves, it shouldn't be hard. There's more to this pretty boy than just his looks, there's a brain as well. A computer ace, he can excel in a techie type career and live quite comfortably.

Saban is a long time character of mine. A dream really. My dreams are quite interesting with espionage and adventure, and Saban was right by my side. A little more bleach blonde and heavier eyeliner, but still pretty fine ;D Perhaps he'll bring some adventure to your Sims' lives as well.

Additional Credits:
Screenshots -
Clothing -
  • Okay, SimsArtistUnion is no longer online as far as I can tell. The hair is by MyoS and I'll include it in my downloads ---> MaleShaggy This hair IS a replacement for the Mohawk. I hadn't realized this at first, which the Mohawk was kinda lousy any way, however, there's no alternate hawk as of yet, so I may be playing without this in my game... I normally do not upload other people's work, but as this is no longer available, I felt obligated to upload it.
Anyone I forgot to credit, send me a message. I'm going to avoid using so much CC in future sim files, my gawd that took forever to link everyone.... Now to send them all this link! But oh, our gamews would suck so much without the lovely CC!!

TyleR MorriS

Hello there!

This is my sim TyleR MorriS that I have uploaded before to GoS.
He has a brother named DexteR MorriS that I already uploaded to GoS and MTS.
You're gonna have a lot of fun if you put them both in your game 'cause of their very opposite traits. Plus, they both are hawt! ;D

You can see his brother
DexteR MorriS, here and here.

Now on to business.

Tyler has 5 traits, in my game, that one of them is unlocked trait I got after I used a mod from Modthesims.

His traits are Brave, Hot Headed, Flirty, Mooch and Pyromaniac.
I didn't pack him with the last trait, instead I gave him Snob trait. He really is the opposite of his brother DexteR which is fun to watch.


Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Lanky
Weight: Boney
Likes: Indie, Cheesteak and Red.

Here are some screenshots from my game.

CAS and In game
(You can see the details on his face)
I have to add here I didn't use any effect on my pics,
I only cropped and resized them then edited the layout.
So what you see is what you get. :)

More In game screenshots (Outdoor)

And the last ones...TyleR and DexteR in action. :)
I had so much fun just watching them in my game

TyleR and DexteR were playing video game

TyleR at library


Before you download him, you must download Rick+Delphy's CAS Slider Hack (both Body+Facial) in order to get the same facial sculpture in your game.

You can get it

And this is optional, but I used HP Default Skin Replacement to make TyleR (and DexteR).
You don't have to use it if you don't like it but if you want him to look the same like in my screenshots then you have to use her skin.
OK. That's all I can tell.



Enjoy and Happy Simming!
Newone08 a.k.a NewOne

Rick and Delphy, for the hack
HP, for the skin
Treeag, for the mod

Ilia Song


Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Normal
Weight: None
Traits: Bookworm, Loner, Genius, Vegetarian, Light Sleeper

Ilia was sort of an outcast growing up. With his love of books plus his mixed heritage, made him sort of a stand out from the crowd. He was born in Hong Kong and after his Russian-German mother died, he and his father came to live with her parents back in Sunset Valley. Again turned outcast. Now he's moved out, his grandparents have since passed away and left him a small inheritance. So now he's on his own, which, he's quite comfortable with.

Additional Credits:
Adult Male: Star Wars Junk Food Shirts Pack 01 by zombiepocalypse

Gnominal Inspiration

This home was designed to the specifications for Gnomelandia, however, this is NOT an official lot. I joined the Build n' Share challenge a little late and this home was inspired by the Gnomelandia neighborhood challenge. It was later recognized by those coordinating the Gnomelandia build, and may have been included with the neighborhood upload.

Sharpe Pointe


Created for the Build n' Share weekly challenges, this home is built per specifications and includes the Sharp family it was designed for. A Tuscan layout and design with a color scheme of browns, cream, yellow, white and purple as per request. A home for Grandma Loretta, surrounded by gardens. An area for Derek to workout and Sheryl to paint. A study and a sitting area. The family room, 2.5 bath, Kitchen/Dining, 2 covered decks, a patio with pool and grilling area in a bistro style.

Additional Credits:
The Sharp Family was created by Addict1220 . I'll add links to patterns used, etc. I don't believe I had very much custom content in this build.

Symthetic Musings

Download Symthetic Musings

Gavin RettfieldVivie RocheQuang Zyi

Before you download these sims, you must download Rick+Delphy's CAS Slider Hack (Facial+Body) in order to get the same facial sculpture or if you want to edit/tweak their face/body (so they won't revert)
You can get it here:

And this is optional, but I used HP Default Skin Replacement. You don't have to use it if you don't like it but it you want these sims to look exactly like in screenshots you have to use her skin.
You can get it here:

Vivie's outfit features a pattern which I created for the Sims 3, it's my first pattern of this nature and still in the trial and error period of production. The design is by a talented artist from


She does some ultra cute, super kawaii illustrations which she sells various products of at her online store Hip Hop Candy:

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