The Rejected was conceived to have a home for our uploads that are either not on par with upload requirements of popular sites, or that just don't quite fit in their rules. Offensive slogans and ugly houses, re-re Sims and all your misfits are more than welcomed here. Just because they say your content isn't good enough, doesn't mean that it isn't. If you'd like to become a contributor to this site, please send me an e-mail via "Contact Us" for an invite. I'd also recommend using Mediafire to upload your submissions to. Of course there are limits to how offensive you can get. Such as no hate, and keep it PG13, as this is a non-mature rated site and I'd like to keep it that way.

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  1. Temporarily, my e-mail client is non functional, you may message me on MTS with your e-mail address for invite. Or send a msg to my spam mail (must be clearly marked REJECTED SIMS).


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