Saban Webb - Rejected Exclusive

"Saban", real name James Webb, is a social butterfly. He loves crowds and nightclubs and partying all night long. And it all loves him right back. His only aspiration is to become extremely popular and loved by everyone. Which with his charm and silver tongue, and of course, his awesome dance moves, it shouldn't be hard. There's more to this pretty boy than just his looks, there's a brain as well. A computer ace, he can excel in a techie type career and live quite comfortably.

Saban is a long time character of mine. A dream really. My dreams are quite interesting with espionage and adventure, and Saban was right by my side. A little more bleach blonde and heavier eyeliner, but still pretty fine ;D Perhaps he'll bring some adventure to your Sims' lives as well.

Additional Credits:
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Clothing -
  • Okay, SimsArtistUnion is no longer online as far as I can tell. The hair is by MyoS and I'll include it in my downloads ---> MaleShaggy This hair IS a replacement for the Mohawk. I hadn't realized this at first, which the Mohawk was kinda lousy any way, however, there's no alternate hawk as of yet, so I may be playing without this in my game... I normally do not upload other people's work, but as this is no longer available, I felt obligated to upload it.
Anyone I forgot to credit, send me a message. I'm going to avoid using so much CC in future sim files, my gawd that took forever to link everyone.... Now to send them all this link! But oh, our gamews would suck so much without the lovely CC!!


  1. Smexy boy! LOL
    I like his hairy chest. ;)
    And he looks like BAD boy.

  2. Oh, yesh, he's a very bad boy! But in such a good way XD

    Hmm, think I'll upload my bf too. He's a big boy, but still the sexnessyum. I know, that is not a word ;P I made vanity Sims of my family. So maybe I'll upload the two of us together. (I made tehm for our son to play, he loves the Sims and his sim is blue, he picked out the skintone...)


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