Hachiro Yamazaki

The first asian male sim I have in my game.
I really like him. I think he's unique. What do you think? ;)
Comment/critique are more than welcome.

Hachiro Yamazaki

From Japanese 八 (hachi) "eight" and 郎 (rou) "son".
This was traditionally a name for the eighth son.
(But no, he doesn't have another 7 siblings plus parents in my game.
How in the world am I gonna play them? XD)
So this is just made up by me/fiction ;D


Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Lanky
Weight: Boney
Childish, Slob, Coward, Artistic, Insane
Sushi (of course :), Custom Music, Hot Pink (oh yeah, baby :)

More Pics

If you like him enough and want him in your game, download

Sorry but I didn't packaged him with the hair in the pic (it's store content, boo)

As always, I made him with Rick+Delphy's CAS Slider Hack (both Body and Facial)
so you need this hack before you download him to get the same look and it won't revert.
You can get it here

And I also used HP Default Skin Replacement (just Facial Skin) but this is optional.
You can get it here

Enjoy & Happy Simming Everyone!

Rick and Delphy, for the hack
HP, for the skin

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