Water Ballet Photo by Riviera2008

These beautiful koi fish were captured mid-dance by Riviera2008 as a stock image on DeviantART, used with permission.  The photo is so beautifully perfect as it is, I wanted to just frame it and put it on my Sim's walls!  XD  I came across this when looking for resource images for my Koi Pond terrain paint, and this just made my jaw drop by it's sheer beauty.  Please do take a moment to check out the gallery of the artist and say thanks on the image "Water Ballet".

Download - Water Ballet

After looking at the texture bump on the particular painting I chose, I thought it looked too painted.  And wanted to display the rich tones this image has.  So have made a 3 panel mural, a recolor of the Sims District mesh.  So either two choices for your Sims, or both for the avid fish lovers (no Koi sushi, please!).  Without further ado here is the mural!

Download - Mural
Download - Folder

Chaotic Order

Download - Chaotic Order
This artwork was created for a friend in remembrance of Dirk, who was wrongfully taken from us right before their shared birthday.  Instead of the annual bash the pair would through every year, this year, it served as a wake.  My friend's birthday will forever be shadowed with  loss and grief.  So, for his birthday, I created this piece.  Inspired by a sculpture owned by our lost "Brother", which he in turn gifted upon me.  An Indian hand, index and thumb pinched together, palm outstretched with a small flower in the palm and an intricately carved bracelet banded around the wrist.  I began drawing this as I waited for my plane to return me home.  I printed this image for him from my DeviantART account, in 8x10 due to atual resolution, I was afraid to enlarge the image further, though it was able.  Thankfully, this is no problem with Sims 3 resolution, so instead, it is a 3 sq wide wall mural, decal style, so you are able to change the border through wall CaS. 

I recolored the mesh by Ida of Sims District, which you can find in the Rejected Finds pages.  Those are truly beautiful.  I couldn't find a tutorial for making wall stickers, and utterly failed doing it myself with zero meshing, etc.  If anyone uses this as a template to make your own, please accredit the mesh to Ida, not me.

Koi Pond Terrain and CAW Paint

Just whipped up this terrain paint because I really wanted to make a Koi Pond on top of a basement.  Which might sound silly, but looks pretty good.  I'm getting back into building and am working on an Asian type art museum.  And it has an indoor Koi Pond garden area.  Of course, you can't make a real pond on top of a basement.  Not sure how this "water" texture will look under water, I designed it as a water substitute for appearances only.  To give it a three dimensional look, you can cover it with lily pads and rock borders, etc.  I used three resources for this from DeviantART Stock images.  This is better for bigger ponds, I may scale it down or make a new smaller version.

There are two files, the package is the in game terrain paint, the DDS file is for use with CAW.  Put it in your My Documents >> Electronic Arts >> The Sims 3 Create a World Tool >> UserToolData >> SourceTextures.  I didn't test in CAW, however, it should work the same.  It may take a bit of playing with to get your pond shape ideal, the image is lily pad heavy.  If I do another, I may go with more water, less lily.  I was afraid of how the water would look, but it came out looking pretty good.  I hope you can make some good use of this, I will be adding the CAW file to the Rejected Repository list for CAW resources.  I'll soon be moving all those files to the one folder in my Mediafire, rather than hosted on the Wiki, as there is limited attachments there.

Download - Terrain Paint
Download - CAW Resource

Thanks to all the great stock image providers for these, they are beautiful.  Please take the time to thank them, or look at their galleries.  Or both!  ;D

Aned the Fae

 This piece was designed after a friend's Facebook profile picture.  She loves to go to Renn Fair and every time she does, gets her facepainted.  The design was so lovely, I had to capture it in my own style.  You can see more of my artwork on my DeviantART,  I plan to create Sims 3 paintings out of my art, if there is a particular piece you'd like done, please tell me.  Also, I do draw customs Sims portraits, take a screenshot of your Sim, then send to me and I'll make an artwork based off of the image and create a Sims painting for their wall.  Also, I can do artwork requests.  Dependent upon what you want done, this may be commission only.

Download - Aned the Fae

Rejected News

Due to the reaction to ATC Fae Series paintings depicting mild nudity on MS3B, I have raised the filters of this blog to a mature rating.  And request anyone sharing images from this blog to not display nude ones, or give warning before directing your audience to my site where nudity may be seen.  This site does not have any way to mark specific images as mature, so instead the entire blog now will reflect that rating.  Apologies to anyone who was offended by artistic nudes, now you have been warned before stepping onto this site that there may be mature content.


ATC Fae Series **Mature Content**

*Note, this set contains artistic nudity, nothing graphic nor explicit, however discretion is advised.*

This is a set of 8 paintings.  These are my Artist Trading Cards "Fae Series" created by myself.  What are Artist Trading Cards?  It's a 2 ½" x 3 ½" artwork which artists trade for free.  Sometimes referred to as ACEO's (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) which may traded or sold depending upon artist.  Mine are available for trade on my DeviantART account.  So if you like, you may be able to own a piece from this set as well as have it in your Sims' homes and galleries.  Please visit my ATC Gallery to see what I have available.

Fae Series 1 & 2
Fae Series 3 & 7
Fae Series 4 & 8
Fae Series 5 & 6
Download: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8

Hair Studio

Sorry to be posting old stuff, but haven't added some things here before, so felt it should be posted.  The following is Hair colors I've uploaded to the Sims 3 Exchange.  I just added a new one "Grape Fizz" for a character I've just created last night.  I'm playing her right now and so far she's pretty fun.  I'll be posting her up soon.  I don't have any custom content (other than store content) on her or in my game for that matter.  I will be making her some custom gear, to get back into the swing of things.  We just got our second monitor back so the computer is about where we want it to be.  My game is running smoother than ever with all my settings maxed, so quite happy about that!  We still plan to buy a second video card... XD

Simply Amazed!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has so kindly gifted me a Sims 3 wish list item.  When I created the wish list, I never expected anything, only kept it as a way to track things I like and for the Sims 3 contests they periodically have.  Thank you for sharing your community spirit with me, it is appreciated.  Got to go play my game and get back into modding again, it's been too long since my last update!

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