First and Foremost

 I realize that it has been a terribly long time since I have done any update here on The Rejected.  Which I feel somewhat guilty about.  I hadn't had my Sims 3 game installed for a long time due to video card problems.  And have been devoting my skills to my art.  First and foremost, I am an artist.  I have some new art which I may wish to turn into art for your Sims.  I've recently started making Artist Trading Cards.  Which I thought might be fun to add as art on your Sims' walls.  I do have plans to reinstall my game and add in the modding programs and throw some new art your way.  However, I do plan to take my fine ass time about it.  I hope you're all still following.  I will keep posting on Twitter @RejectedSims with my latest endeavors, both socially and Simmishly.  If you'd be interested in owning one of my miniature works of art, please, follow me on  Here's the direct link to the ATC gallery: Gillian's ATCs.
ATC's Fae Series 7 of 8 by *GillianIvy on deviantART

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