Barren Earth

Another Terrain Paint DDS file available at the Rejected Repository.  This one was a stock photograph which I've just spent hours making seamless.  I intend to use Barren Earth, and others to create Elysium, the city I'm basing my untitled Sims 3 story in.  (Title suggestions are very welcomed)  This image is free to use.  However, do not claim ownership, nor try to sell this file and don't mirror host (link instead).  A link back is not necessary but appreciated.  I like to see everything my work inspires, so would be pleased to see your usage.  Screenshots would be fantabulous.

Download Barren Earth at the Rejected Repository.  More to come!  Hope to see some great CaW creations using my textures.  I'm very excited about Create-a-World and looking forward to building a new world from the ground up.

Additional Credits:

CaW Terrains

Obviously, I'm all psyched for the Create-a-World possibilities and have been trying to build a resource for new world creators.  I'm eager to see what everyone comes up with.  I'm using only stock/free use images.  You will be able to find my complete collection of DDS files at the Rejected Repository.  You have permission to upload to Exchange or wherever with these terrains.  Just don't sell these or claim as your own.  Credit is appreciated, but not necessary.  Link backs are best.

Latest additions are: Conifer, Flaky Stone, Green Plant, Grey Rock, Plant Leaves, and Thread Plate.  You can find these and more at Rejected Repository.

Additional Credits:
  • MaxTextures Free Section for Conifer, Flaky Stone, Green Plant, Grey Rock, Plant Leaves, and Thread Plate.  Thanks to their beautiful seamless textures, there was minimum adjustments needed to convert to DDS files.  Just a few minor adjustments actually.  Check out their stuffs to make your own.

Rejected Repository

DDS file location

Creating ground cover is easier than ever with the Create-A-World Tool.  Simply drag and drop your DDS files straight to your Documents >> Electronic Arts >> The Sims 3 Create A World Tool >> UserToolData >> SourceTextures folder and you're done!  Then under Terrain Paint tool in the editor, choose your base layer (or add new layer), edit it, choose your new texture and pick your material.  Simply press the auto-paint to do complete cover, or whip out your favorite brush to slap it on.

I've created a few fantasy textures to get you started.  All my stock image DDS files will be free use policy.  I do request link back, but don't require it.  I would like to see the finished projects my files were used to create.  Just don't claim you created them, or sell them or any derivation of them.  This is free, only stock textures were used to create them, and free it shall remain.  I'll post up link backs to stock materials used.

You can find all my CaW creations in the Rejected Repository on the Rejected Wiki.  Please check out the entire Create-A-World section for tips and tricks, tutorials and walkthroughs, and forum links.

Veri Lucere

Download (Make Up)
Download (Sim)

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: None
Weight: Boney
Traits: Kleptomaniac, Genius, Computer Whiz, Lucky, Daredevil

Veri is an orphan, raised on the streets. Being so small and quiet, she found she had a natural talent at sneaking around. People talk freely around her because she's deaf. But she can read lips from across the room, which makes her the perfect procurer of secrets. She's also a very talented thief, with a knack for hacking systems. She's fallen in love with her childhood friend, Saban, but never tells him so. There's a strong bond between them that goes beyond just love and friendship. Now her latest job is a little more than she can handle alone. She enlists Saban to help her. Which was a wise choice when they come head to head with a horde of zombies.

Vermillon is the star of my Sims 3 story, which is still in the works.  I'm waiting for the Create a World  in order to create Elysium, the futuristic post-apocalyptic city where the story takes place.  Elysium is a city in ruins, one of the few that remain standing.  I don't yet have a title for the story, and you're welcome to make suggestions @RejectedSims for this story --> which you can read the beginning at the Rejected Wiki.

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