Barren Earth

Another Terrain Paint DDS file available at the Rejected Repository.  This one was a stock photograph which I've just spent hours making seamless.  I intend to use Barren Earth, and others to create Elysium, the city I'm basing my untitled Sims 3 story in.  (Title suggestions are very welcomed)  This image is free to use.  However, do not claim ownership, nor try to sell this file and don't mirror host (link instead).  A link back is not necessary but appreciated.  I like to see everything my work inspires, so would be pleased to see your usage.  Screenshots would be fantabulous.

Download Barren Earth at the Rejected Repository.  More to come!  Hope to see some great CaW creations using my textures.  I'm very excited about Create-a-World and looking forward to building a new world from the ground up.

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