Gilded Butterflies Tattoo

"We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" quite a profound statement tattooed across the back of young starlet, Megan Fox.  And I fell in love with it.  I had to know the meaning behind it.  I was absolutely intrigued.  And not disappointed in the least.  It is a quote from King Lear, basically stating that those who live beautiful and wealthy lives, their souls (butterflies) will be weighted down and unable to fly.  Definitely intriguing to see such a statement on such a gorgeous and suddenly popular actress, who is very much the epitome of the gilded butterfly.  Perhaps it serves as a reminder to herself that despite her fame, beauty and wealth, she ought to remember herself and not let Earthly possessions and material things consume her.  So it would seem, there is more to her than meets the eye, bad pun intended....  Sorry.  I can't help myself.

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