I'm Having an Art Giveaway

 A lot of you who come here, may come because they like my art.  Well, I'm holding a giveaway, open to everyone.  It's simple, you add the Amazon Universal Wishlist plug in to your browser and add one of my items to your wishlist.  Then share your wishlist with your friends and family.  Send me the link where you posted it (blog, Facebook, Twitter, wherever) so I know about it.

GillianIvy's Universal Wishlist Giveaway!

This is a limited time artwork I am offering, an ACEO sized metallic print of my Artist Trading Card "Sea Witch", featuring my gel pen styles combined with bleach printing technique.  The gel pens look amazing on the metallic print, much like the original artwork did.  There are seven chances to win, plus top 3 winners also receive an original artwork painting which I am designing specifically for this contest.  I'll ship internationally as well.  The contest ends April 1st (April Fool's Day because I'm silly like that).  I currently only have one entrant, if I only get seven, then all seven will win!

Thanks everyone who has offered me supportive comments and let me know how much they enjoy my artwork here and on DeviantART and Etsy.  It means a lot to me, as I really like creating art for you guys.  Anytime you have a special request of something in my DeviantART gallery that you would like simized, send me a request.  If it's not a commissioned/exclusive artwork, I will gladly share it with the Sims 3 community at large.

I may be making a Sims 3 portrait of the artwork available in this contest, so keep an eye out.  I know I hinted at new items soon, but I wasn't quite happy with them and need to give them some fine tuning and good screenshots before I present them here.

The Great Masquerade

"El Capitan Sonriente", which translates to "The Captain Smiling" is the first of two paintings of old traditional style masks.  The paintings are done in watercolor, acrylics and inks on bristol.  The Captain is based on a mask a friend of mine would wear.  Which I believe is from an Italian play which was later adapted into a movie.  The character is the Baron of Sigognac/Capitan Fracassa.  The second in the set, "O Carnivale" is a feminine mask with ruby red lips and a feathered mane.  The two paintings are both from the same sheet and were cut apart. They compliment each other and would hang nicely side by side.  They measure 4"x10".  The originals are available in my Etsy store, and soon I may have prints as well.  Visit Miscellaneous Juxtapositions to see what art is available in my shop.

"El Capitan Sonriente" - Download  /  "O Carnivale" - Download

Coming soon, I have a small clutter pack (of big clutter).  Not really clutter at all, just some world objects converted to miscellaneous decor.  Also a new ground cover plant set.  I haven't yet tested them in game so won't upload until after I do.

Designed By Lucinda Donation

This pack of three zen tile art cards is for the Boardman family which suffered a great loss earlier this month.  Lucinda, known as DesignedbyLucinda in the Etsy community lost her house and her eleven year old son as well as several family pets which her son was trying to save in a house fire.  A small donation of $2.00 is required for this 3 piece set.  Password to download will be given upon donation.

I also am selling the original 3½"x3½" artworks on my Etsy site, funds raised will be donated to the Boardman family.

"Hearts in the Sky" "Love's Heart" and "Lucinda's Owl"

Art Attack!

Surprised?  More art coming your way!  Time to open up that gallery your artist Sim has been dreaming of ;D  Five new paintings, all of these with base game meshes coming at you.  All pieces are original artworks by myself.  These are all ACEO/ATCs, 2½"x3½", some available in my art store on Etsy, Miscellaneous Juxtapositions.  So you may be able to own some of the same art as your Sims.

First, we have a sweet bleach printed piece, featuring a cat asleep in a window in metallic gel pen detailing.  Hints of gold acrylic accent this art card.

"Cat's Nap"
Next, the Elemental Spirits series, "Fire Sprite" and "Fern Nymph".  Both are acrylic miniature paintings.  Some detailing added with gel pen and microns.  The "Fire Sprite" features a little demon faerie with bat-like wings and curled horns upon her head.  The "Fern Nymph" is hidden in the leaves as she watches you secretly.  These are part of a set of four, available in my Etsy store.

And finally, we have two pieces from the collage styled Frederick's series.  These cards were designed using an acrylic gel medium transfer opposed to your standard collage techniques.  Which makes there be less of the thickness and stiffness you would get from glue.  If you would like to learn this method, you can find a link to a tutorial I found on my artist website, Miscellaneous Juxtapositions on  The images featured in these two pictures are from snippets of Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs.  When I was young, I loved to draw all over magazines, apparently, I haven't changed much ;D

So, that concludes this installment of art.  The complete sets can be seen on my Etsy.  I may transfer all of them to Sims paintings.  There is a total of nine cards in the Frederick's set.  And four in the Elemental Spirits set.  "Cat's Nap" is not currently available for purchase, however, I can list it if someone requests.  I may list in the future though.

Any questions about my art, feel free to comment here or e-mail me  I do enjoy networking with other artists.

Das Faerie Gotik Painting

 I know it has been a long time since I have updated this site.  I've just reinstalled my game and my CC editing programs (not all of them quite yet) and I've been creating new art for the past year.  So, I'd like to introduce you to my latest artwork "Das Faerie Gotik".

The original is an ink illustration in a Mucha inspired styling.  She is a faerie with antler horns, dried leaves for wings, a cobweb tutu and a corseted bustier.  I hope you will enjoy her as much as I have enjoyed creating her.  for a limited time, I will be carrying prints of this artwork in my Etsy store, Miscellaneous Juxtapositions.  Currently, I have ACEO sized (2½"x3½") prints in limited edition.  Soon, 8"x10" will be available.  Prints are in a lustre finish.  You may send me a private message via Etsy to request prints in another medium.

Without further ado...

High End Loft Stuff pack is required for the frame to show up in your game.  Picturred is the EA frame cloned from, which is a nice 2/3rds wall sized painting with a simple frame.

"Das Faerie Gotik" original artwork by GillianIvy/Miscellaneous Juxtapositions

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