Art Attack!

Surprised?  More art coming your way!  Time to open up that gallery your artist Sim has been dreaming of ;D  Five new paintings, all of these with base game meshes coming at you.  All pieces are original artworks by myself.  These are all ACEO/ATCs, 2½"x3½", some available in my art store on Etsy, Miscellaneous Juxtapositions.  So you may be able to own some of the same art as your Sims.

First, we have a sweet bleach printed piece, featuring a cat asleep in a window in metallic gel pen detailing.  Hints of gold acrylic accent this art card.

"Cat's Nap"
Next, the Elemental Spirits series, "Fire Sprite" and "Fern Nymph".  Both are acrylic miniature paintings.  Some detailing added with gel pen and microns.  The "Fire Sprite" features a little demon faerie with bat-like wings and curled horns upon her head.  The "Fern Nymph" is hidden in the leaves as she watches you secretly.  These are part of a set of four, available in my Etsy store.

And finally, we have two pieces from the collage styled Frederick's series.  These cards were designed using an acrylic gel medium transfer opposed to your standard collage techniques.  Which makes there be less of the thickness and stiffness you would get from glue.  If you would like to learn this method, you can find a link to a tutorial I found on my artist website, Miscellaneous Juxtapositions on  The images featured in these two pictures are from snippets of Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs.  When I was young, I loved to draw all over magazines, apparently, I haven't changed much ;D

So, that concludes this installment of art.  The complete sets can be seen on my Etsy.  I may transfer all of them to Sims paintings.  There is a total of nine cards in the Frederick's set.  And four in the Elemental Spirits set.  "Cat's Nap" is not currently available for purchase, however, I can list it if someone requests.  I may list in the future though.

Any questions about my art, feel free to comment here or e-mail me  I do enjoy networking with other artists.

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