Das Faerie Gotik Painting

 I know it has been a long time since I have updated this site.  I've just reinstalled my game and my CC editing programs (not all of them quite yet) and I've been creating new art for the past year.  So, I'd like to introduce you to my latest artwork "Das Faerie Gotik".

The original is an ink illustration in a Mucha inspired styling.  She is a faerie with antler horns, dried leaves for wings, a cobweb tutu and a corseted bustier.  I hope you will enjoy her as much as I have enjoyed creating her.  for a limited time, I will be carrying prints of this artwork in my Etsy store, Miscellaneous Juxtapositions.  Currently, I have ACEO sized (2½"x3½") prints in limited edition.  Soon, 8"x10" will be available.  Prints are in a lustre finish.  You may send me a private message via Etsy to request prints in another medium.

Without further ado...

High End Loft Stuff pack is required for the frame to show up in your game.  Picturred is the EA frame cloned from, which is a nice 2/3rds wall sized painting with a simple frame.

"Das Faerie Gotik" original artwork by GillianIvy/Miscellaneous Juxtapositions

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