Spam Glitches and Art

This makes me so incredibly happy.  I get a spam on this blog nearly every day.  So I get the notification, then reject, then report...  Today, I log into Blogger to get the new spam filter for comments message.  Absolutely brilliant.  Now, no notification, just log in, see spam content, select all, delete.

Yesterday, I had started making some Art Shirts for men, featuring a few of my artworks.  I had all my designs plotted out and was about to save the first DDS file, when everything froze up and I hadn't saved my PSD yet.  Boo.  So, instead, I just played my game.  Suppose I'll work on them another time.  I'm currently working on a house for Hayley, a friend who has 2 Sims with triplets (one is an evil baby).  The house is taylored with personal CC, so won't be sharing any of that here.  Though I may be sharing the house itself here.  I'm making it bare bones, no other CC than my own, and no expansion materials, as she doesn't have any.  I'm only putting in a few items that can be downloaded free at the Sims 3 Store, so she won't have to hunt and find every single thing.

I initially meant it to be a small house, but when you have triplets and give them each their own room, and the dining room needs three high chairs...  I'm trying for an expanded house look, like a traditional old house with modern additions and such.  The first house I made for her got wrecked.  I colored the ceiling tiles.  Waaaaah!  I got some horrible glitch which had a ceiling tile which shot to the moon from the second floor balcony.  I had almost finished texturing every item in the house (I'm very thorough, I hate flat surfaces with no texture).  And then I discovered this glitch which could be seen from the map view.  So, went to my back up game...  No good, it was there too and no recolor styling on every object in the house.  I tried demolishing everything on the lot bit by bit to see if I could remove it.  No luck.  So restarting her house from scratch.  Likely, by the time it's finished, her triplet will be moved out and married with triplets of their own.

I've taken a break from that and actually am playing my character, Kiri Shinigami.  Got her promoted twice and expanded her house.  She single, so all she really does is work work work.  But she does have other hobbies.  She used to jog to work every day, but that would take her nearly three hours, maybe I should get her a bike.

Back in the real world, I've been creating artworks, some available on my Etsy or as prints on DeviantART.  Which will mean more art coming for your sims.  However, the scanner is on the main computer, where my bf is always playing Need For Speed.  Soooo, I haven't scanned up anything lately.  Any art requests?  Look through my galleries on DeviantART, see if there's any art you want on your Sims' walls and give me a holler, either there or here.  Also, I'm still doing custom Sims 3 portraits.  Send me a ref pic of your Sim, tell me what style you like, I'll draw it then make a Sim painting out of it and upload it here.  I charge nothing for those, I do it for fun.  However, I am also available for commissions for original artworks (the kind you hang on walls!).

I'm excited to announce I'm sewing stuffs too.  I made these super cute golth lolita cuffs to match a skirt I'm making.  These will soon be available for sale.  I feel so crafty! 

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