Create-a-Pattern Madness!

 Okay, I just downloaded and tried out the Create-a-Pattern tool.  Undecided yet as to whether or not I prefer this method.  For simply tiling a pattern you have already created, it proves more difficult.  Unless you make each part of your pattern in the tool by using PNG "stickers" and then layering and such as you like.  Keep your images 256x256 or else it resizes them for you!  Okay, the first pattern I created was from one of my Frederick's series ATCs, to have sort of an art deco modern art tiled look for wallpapering or fashionista outfits.  Modern Arty Walls Which came out a nice tiling.  There's a small amount of reflective shininess in the pattern, however, with the dress I chose, the material did not show up any shiny.  Which was disappointing because that is the same dress I chose for all my models and none of them showed up the shiny....  Boo.  And my bf wants the main computer back, so I'll have to dig up some better screenshots tomorrow.  Until then, please enjoy how lovely the couches looks, as they actually do show up the shine!  XD  All these patterns are available in my Studio on the Exchange.  But I will host them on Mediafire (entire folder, CAP Pattern Pack1) for those of you not registered.  There is a total of seven patterns.  Two artsy ones and five red patterns with shininess.  I wanted a Jessica Rabbit sort of effect then started playing around with the shiny layer.

The next pattern I made from a little doodle, which I used as a sticker to tile it in the pattern and used some of the default stickers as well.  I may in the future provide pattern stickers, which will be 256x256 PNG files as a resource pack.  I plan to make some for myself anyways.  This pattern which I call Ornamental Tentacle because it has sort of a Chinaware pattern style.  The tentacle is hand drawn, just a PNG file I already had picked out so was ready at my disposal to make a pattern and I thought it turned out pretty nice.  I have it pictured on a dress, but it should look nice on tiled surfaces and small surfaces and counter tops.  There may be an issue with the color of the tentacle layer, I had lowered the saturation during the creation because it was giving me odd colors instead of solid colors.  I'll have to figure out better ways to make stickers as I learn this tool more.  So it seems to only go darker and the blue barely showed up from how I set it to look in the preview image they have in the tool.  I was kind of disappointed that the in-game look didn't match the tool.

The five red patterns, I forget which ones are which names, my goof, I'm sorry.  The glitter one is obvious.  But the others have almost the same names and the preview image didn't show them on the Exchange, so I promptly forgot what I named each one.  I think it shows up in the launcher though.  I haven't tried other dresses/outfits to see if the shiny shows up better, because that's what I really wanted them for.  Though shiny couches, or even drapery are nice and all....  ;P  (Look at the couches, not the dresses)

(all three flourishes have shine with swirly patterness going on)

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