Ze Zebra Cats ATC's

 My son loves cats, and zebras.  So the zebra cat was conceived.  I plan to do a whole series of cute little stripey cat pics or cats with zebra prints.  These are ATC's, not yet available for trade, I want to add more to the set before I offer them.  So do expect more to come!  In the mean time, I've made them into cute paintings for your Sims' walls.  We don't have Sims 3 Pets yet, but at least we can be prepared when they finally give them to us!  XD

So, I ended up using a different frame than I initially intended.  I wanted the Kid's poster one, but it had some weird normal mapping, which I fixed, but still showed up in my game after clearing my caches and everything and I'm certain there was no residual image of it left, but it still showed up.  So I gave up and opted to use the same frame I used for the other ATC's.

Download - ALL Zebra Cats

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  1. Okay, whoever keeps posting all these nonsense posts like "All of the assets, not being understanding, have become liabilities" followed by a long string of links, please stop. I have reported you and only allowed this comment because I want the Blogger team to see what the spam report was about. I get about one of these spams per week, and I never approve it, so just stop!


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