More ATCs by GillianIvy

I've been working on a lot of Artist Trading Cards lately.  Different styles and mediums.  I'm also converting them into Sims 3 paintings.  These are all my own original art done in traditional mediums.  Some of those pictured may still be available for trade.  I still have quite a few sets that are not yet posted on my DeviantART page.  If you're interested in doing an art trade with me, let me know.  I also make custom pieces.  These are all the standard 2½" x 3½" sized trading cards.  There were 2 more that I was going to post with this batch, but the specular is wrong with the frame I chose, so I have to fix that, and I'm on the laptop, so can't right now.

Download- ALL Misc. ATCs

You can see more of my art on DeviantART.  I'm considering selling my original pieces as well as trading.  Please let me know your thoughts on this if you might be interested in buying miniature artworks instead of trading with me.  Comment here or you may send me an e-mail

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