Water Ballet Photo by Riviera2008

These beautiful koi fish were captured mid-dance by Riviera2008 as a stock image on DeviantART, used with permission.  The photo is so beautifully perfect as it is, I wanted to just frame it and put it on my Sim's walls!  XD  I came across this when looking for resource images for my Koi Pond terrain paint, and this just made my jaw drop by it's sheer beauty.  Please do take a moment to check out the gallery of the artist and say thanks on the image "Water Ballet".

Download - Water Ballet

After looking at the texture bump on the particular painting I chose, I thought it looked too painted.  And wanted to display the rich tones this image has.  So have made a 3 panel mural, a recolor of the Sims District mesh.  So either two choices for your Sims, or both for the avid fish lovers (no Koi sushi, please!).  Without further ado here is the mural!

Download - Mural
Download - Folder

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