Chaotic Order

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This artwork was created for a friend in remembrance of Dirk, who was wrongfully taken from us right before their shared birthday.  Instead of the annual bash the pair would through every year, this year, it served as a wake.  My friend's birthday will forever be shadowed with  loss and grief.  So, for his birthday, I created this piece.  Inspired by a sculpture owned by our lost "Brother", which he in turn gifted upon me.  An Indian hand, index and thumb pinched together, palm outstretched with a small flower in the palm and an intricately carved bracelet banded around the wrist.  I began drawing this as I waited for my plane to return me home.  I printed this image for him from my DeviantART account, in 8x10 due to atual resolution, I was afraid to enlarge the image further, though it was able.  Thankfully, this is no problem with Sims 3 resolution, so instead, it is a 3 sq wide wall mural, decal style, so you are able to change the border through wall CaS. 

I recolored the mesh by Ida of Sims District, which you can find in the Rejected Finds pages.  Those are truly beautiful.  I couldn't find a tutorial for making wall stickers, and utterly failed doing it myself with zero meshing, etc.  If anyone uses this as a template to make your own, please accredit the mesh to Ida, not me.

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