Koi Pond Terrain and CAW Paint

Just whipped up this terrain paint because I really wanted to make a Koi Pond on top of a basement.  Which might sound silly, but looks pretty good.  I'm getting back into building and am working on an Asian type art museum.  And it has an indoor Koi Pond garden area.  Of course, you can't make a real pond on top of a basement.  Not sure how this "water" texture will look under water, I designed it as a water substitute for appearances only.  To give it a three dimensional look, you can cover it with lily pads and rock borders, etc.  I used three resources for this from DeviantART Stock images.  This is better for bigger ponds, I may scale it down or make a new smaller version.

There are two files, the package is the in game terrain paint, the DDS file is for use with CAW.  Put it in your My Documents >> Electronic Arts >> The Sims 3 Create a World Tool >> UserToolData >> SourceTextures.  I didn't test in CAW, however, it should work the same.  It may take a bit of playing with to get your pond shape ideal, the image is lily pad heavy.  If I do another, I may go with more water, less lily.  I was afraid of how the water would look, but it came out looking pretty good.  I hope you can make some good use of this, I will be adding the CAW file to the Rejected Repository list for CAW resources.  I'll soon be moving all those files to the one folder in my Mediafire, rather than hosted on the Wiki, as there is limited attachments there.

Download - Terrain Paint
Download - CAW Resource

Thanks to all the great stock image providers for these, they are beautiful.  Please take the time to thank them, or look at their galleries.  Or both!  ;D

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