Women In Black

The O'Hara Sisters a.k.a Women In Black

These two amateur thieves are looking for job, are you hiring?
Please read their Bio before you make decision.

Scarlett O'Hara

Born in July 7th 1985 in New York (24 years old)
Scarlett was onlytwo years old when her mother died in car accident.
Six months later her father remarried to a Frenchwoman, Isabelle D'Aubigne,
who gave him another child - Scarlett's half sister.

Some stats
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Lanky
Weight: Boney
Hair/Eyes Color: Dark red/Light Green
Traits: Kleptomaniac, Athletic, Flirty, Great Kisser, Dislike Children
Likes: Clasiccal, Sushi and Black

Here's an interview I did with Scarlett

Me: So Scarlett, why are you wearing that hat?
You look like a magician you know.
Scarlett: Well, I am sorta a magician.
Me: Really? You know how to do the tricks?
Scarlett: Yes. I can make things dissapear.
Me: Wow, that sounds cool. How you do that?
Scarlett: Why, by stealing them of course!
Me: O.o

Pics of Scarlett

Madeline O'Hara

Born in March 13th 1989 in Paris. She's the half sister of Scarlett.
Madeline is only 20 years old when she decided she wants to be a thief.
She speaks both English and French fluently.

Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Lanky
Weight: BoneyHair/Eyes
Color: Honey Brown/Green Olive
Traits: Brave, Commitment Issues, Handy, Kleptomaniac, Athletic
Likes: Custom Music/Lobster Thermidor/Black

And here's an interview I did with Madeline
Me: Madeline, ce que...ce que vous aimez faire dans... dans votre temps libre? (I was gonna ask her what she loves to do in her free time)
Madeline: Oh please, just speak in English! I cannot understand you at all with that weird accent. Sheesh.
Me: Yes, Mam (face red)
Madeline: Are you doing this interview with me for the job I'm looking for?
Me: Yes. And why if I may ask?
Madeline: Can you add in my CV that I'm single and looking?!
Me: But Madeline..
Madeline: Just do it!
Me: Yes, Mam! (face red again)

You see simmers, I really need your help to find them job.
So if you're interested in hiring them I'll be really happy :)

Pics of Madeline

As always, I used Rick+Delphy's CAS Slider Hack to make Scarlett and Madeline. So you need this hack (Body+Facial) before you download these sims, if not their facial sculpture won't be the same (yes I sculpted them, in CAS ;) they will revert to their default faces (I guarantee you they look freakish)
And, this is optional but I used HP' Default Skin Replacement to make them (just the Facial Skin but you can use both Body and Facial skin)

Enjoy and Happy Simming, Everyone!

Rick & Delphy, for the hack
HP, for the skin

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