TyleR MorriS

Hello there!

This is my sim TyleR MorriS that I have uploaded before to GoS.
He has a brother named DexteR MorriS that I already uploaded to GoS and MTS.
You're gonna have a lot of fun if you put them both in your game 'cause of their very opposite traits. Plus, they both are hawt! ;D

You can see his brother
DexteR MorriS, here and here.

Now on to business.

Tyler has 5 traits, in my game, that one of them is unlocked trait I got after I used a mod from Modthesims.

His traits are Brave, Hot Headed, Flirty, Mooch and Pyromaniac.
I didn't pack him with the last trait, instead I gave him Snob trait. He really is the opposite of his brother DexteR which is fun to watch.


Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Lanky
Weight: Boney
Likes: Indie, Cheesteak and Red.

Here are some screenshots from my game.

CAS and In game
(You can see the details on his face)
I have to add here I didn't use any effect on my pics,
I only cropped and resized them then edited the layout.
So what you see is what you get. :)

More In game screenshots (Outdoor)

And the last ones...TyleR and DexteR in action. :)
I had so much fun just watching them in my game

TyleR and DexteR were playing video game

TyleR at library


Before you download him, you must download Rick+Delphy's CAS Slider Hack (both Body+Facial) in order to get the same facial sculpture in your game.

You can get it

And this is optional, but I used HP Default Skin Replacement to make TyleR (and DexteR).
You don't have to use it if you don't like it but if you want him to look the same like in my screenshots then you have to use her skin.
OK. That's all I can tell.



Enjoy and Happy Simming!
Newone08 a.k.a NewOne

Rick and Delphy, for the hack
HP, for the skin
Treeag, for the mod

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  1. Yays, I loves your hawt mens! ;D I'm going to have to make some hotties too.

    Let me know if you know anyone else who wants to join up.


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