Abstraction Triptych Painting

One of my original artworks transfered to the Sims, again. Previously, this design was uploaded for the Sims 2 as a mural set, Wall Mural Art "Full Poster Overlay"by GillianIvy, using poster overlays. No such thing exists yet, so I've recolored the Triptych Jazz Painting. No other downloads are required for this recolor. This has it's own thumbnail in catalog and is priced at 2300 Simoleons (I think). I know it's pretty pricey, but if you want it cheaper, then either edit the package yourself, or use a cheat like "freeRealestate" or "kaching", "motherlode", etc.

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  1. Wow, your own artwork! That's so cool!
    I'm gonna try to make some painting. No, not artwork. Well, kinda but it's sims art :)
    Anyway, I like your painting. Matc with Rejected theme.

  2. Use the tutorial I linked, so much easier than the Snaitf and Srikandi (sp?) one. No messing with hex codes and such. And explained in easy to follow steps. I'll be doing more of these. I was following the other tutorial before and had a small hang up on it.

    Thanks for the compliment. I'll probably do a bundle pack on MTS when I get a few compiled.


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