Chapel Memorial Park

Another build designed for the Build n' Share weekly challenges. This was for the 4th of July Uncle Sam wants a Park challenge. Everyone else did red, white and blue. I didn't. I know it doesn't look like a 4th of July celebration spot, but hey, I wouldn't go to some park with tons of flags stripes and stars... And I wanted something that was year round versatile. No one else (at the point I began my idea for my build) had a beach park, and no one had a wedding chapel. So BAM! Combined the two ideas and there you go.

It's a simple community lot with a single gazebo style chapel and a guest area with mini bar, big enough for about 24 guests. There's a reception area with banquet tables and music that overlooks the ocean. There's a play area for the kiddies beside the outdoor bathroom area. There's also simple picnicking areas with grills and a nice central fountain for a bit of relaxation and reading.

No custom content was used in this build. You may want to either dispose of the balloons as all sims automatically want to view them and can't because they're on the roof. Or I believe someone made a mod which may disable the whole foot stomp tantrum thing. Don't know if it'll stop them from trying to view it in the first place.... Mod the Sims has been having serious download and browsing problems lately, so good luck finding it, I couldn't go fetch the link.


  1. I LOVE it!!!
    I wish I could try this in my game but my puter is so damn slow.
    But someday I will.
    I'm gonna throw some party at this lot for my simmies.
    Good job, Gillian! :)

  2. Ah, I need to look up the name of the lot it replaces. Because it's one of the on the beach properties, the one with the old pier... I'll have to add that. Otherwise it may not fit scenery.


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