Moody T's for Moody Teens

(Mischa & Rita)

(Charlie & Jeannie)

(Carmen & Kayla)
Have you got some moody teens? Well, I've got some Moody T's for you! 22 moodlets to meet your teen's ever changing temperaments. Whether she's afraid of the dark, or overexcited, she'll be able to express herself loud and clear with these expressive shirts. No more wondering what's on her mind, she'll tell you. If your teen's not talking, these shirts will.

This shirt is in all Simlish style. With Simlish logo "Moody T" and the Simlish slogan "Got Moodlet?", your teen Sims will be styling in these fully recolor/patternable scoop neck tops. And the 22 images are genuine Simlish moodlets. How can you go wrong? Get her a Moody T today!

Currently only available for female teens, as 22 moods is quite a bit to do, and all I'm doing for today! More moodlets to come ;D

~Edit~ 08/18 Two More Teens

Introducing Beckie and Roxie. Best friends and quite the interesting pair. Their shirts reflect their traits a bit. Roxie tends to be overexcited, overemotional and easily distracted by pretty shiny objects that are awesome. Beckie is very attentive and actually cares what you have to say too. Whether it's what you ate for breakfast, or your campaign to end world hunger, she's all ears and will tell you everything you want to hear.

Additional credits:
  • All hail the great and awesome Flabaliki for being great and awesome and making 405 Simlish PNGs and ICOs! Get them here ----> 405 Sims 3 Icons
All models made by myself. More to come, will have a total of 22 teens that fit each mood of each shirt ;D

Moody T's for Moody Teens by GillianIvy

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  1. I had a big problem with my game crashing unexpectedly, so had to uninstall all my custom content from the past month. So haven't gone through looking for all the links and credits yet, as I now will have to find the culprit. I download so much stuffs. I needed to sort through it all anyways... I'll be adding credits when I get the chance.


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