V: The Final Battle Posters & Flag (New MESH!)

I've finally created my own mesh and it works!!!  It's a very simple mesh, all I did was stretch an existing object and bend the hanger bar a bit.  Everything I tried to make through TSR was an epic fail, which is a shame, I had some pretty looking meshes.  Probably too many vertices and such any way.  So I did it the s3pe/Object Tool way and that worked.  Now, anyone thinking of recoloring it, does have my permission to do so, but be fore warned, I didn't add vertices, I only stretched them, so the image area is really only good for the top, which suits my needs fine.  The Visitor's flag in the old show was only in the top portion.  Though, now, looking back over my reference images, it seems hanging flags were sideways, whereas horizontal flags the symbol is depicted like this.  Was this an oversight in the original series, or was it just that the Visitors are aliens so they hang signs weird?  Lols!


Okay, my computer's video card is fried toast with a side of fubar, so there's no screenshots for anything else.  If anyone wishes to submit screenshots to the Wiki, you are more than welcomed.  The following downloads are the packages only, as I really can't do anything with TSR Workshop at the moment, so my apologies to anyone who'd prefer the Sims3Pack files.

It is unknown how long my main computer will be down.  So, I regret to inform everyone I will not be able to make anything for a bit.  However, I will still take portrait requests.  If you send me screens of your favorite sims, I'll draw and render them into an image which can be converted into an in-game object.  Not sure if I'll be able to create the object for you, but I might request the help of my fellow creators.  Well, wish me luck on figuring out what to do about the video card.  For updates on the state of my computer, follow me on


  1. YAY!
    I'm so happy for you!
    That is so so cool!
    So you didn't need milkshape at all?
    Oh, I'm so gonna try my hands on this project.

    The flag looks good. I really like it.

    Oh, and so sorry about your video card.
    I think our computers always get problems.
    Mine (I mean hubby's) is ok but I really need my laptop to works if I want to install the new EP.
    I wanna know if there's any new outfits I can use for Fallen's project (you remember what I told you right, in pm)

    Anyway, congrats to you (yup, this time I congrat you :)

    Laters, hon!

  2. I used Milkshape, just not TSR Workshop to import the mesh. Had to export it through s3pe, then run Object tool over it. Edit in Milkshape, then run it back through Object tool, import back in s3pe.

    Anytime I tried in TSR it would just crash. So after I make the package, I used TSR Workshop to make my Sims3Pack, because I like that it's easier for everyone to use launcher, has custom icon and that in catalog you click the * and only custom content shows up.

    I am so proud that I finally made a mesh, but now the computer is toast and my Milkshape trial expired. Boo. We might have to reformat the harddrive, see if that improves anything.... *sigh* Everything is backed up, so not worried, just annoyed.

    I'm glad you like the flag. I made the symbol part shiny, and the rest matte. Have you ever watched original V? Love that show/movie and so excited about the new one! XD



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