Custom Sims 3 Portraits (Update Link to Gallery)

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Download (Jiro)
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These three portraits are custom art.  Hayden and Jiro are both gifts for NewOne of two of her most popular sims.  You can download them on One Billion Pixels, or from her MTS profile.  Both are sketches which I've given a matching sepia tone so they coordinate with each other.  This is her surprise, she has no clue!  ;D  NewOne, I hope you like these!

Sapphire is a character drawing done for MsPixel13 as per request.  Sapphire is from her sim story on her LiveJournal.  It has a mature rating, if you would like to read it, you may contact her for permission.  She chose which screenshot she wanted converted into art, and I chose how I would adapt it.  This is a colorized sketch.  Similar in style to how black and white photos are colorized.

I am now taking more character art requests.  Please see my art gallery on DeviantArt to get an idea of what styles I draw.  I can do quite a variety, ranging from anime to watercolors.  I also do a very unique style, which I call Gel Pen Art, which I use negative and positive space in order to achieve some interesting visual effects.  I typically use silver or gold gel pens against a black or dark background.

Please e-mail me with any sim portraits or custom art requests, or post a comment here.  I do NOT work on a schedule.  I am horrible with deadlines.  I am currently working on a large number of various projects (see list here), and get to each when I feel like it and in no particular order.  All custom art may be draw by hand or I also do digital graphics.  I can attempt to emulate famous works, if you give me a reference image to go by.  I will then convert the image to a Sims 3 painting, you may choose the mesh, or I will choose the one I deem best suited for the image size and composition.  But if you have one in mind before I do the artwork, it is best to send me a screenshot, or link to mesh you want me to use.

Edit~ 11/07/09

Also, I've uploaded the actual drawings of these portraits to my DeviantART gallery.  I've created a folder for Sims 3 Portraits, so you can see all present portraits I have done.


  1. I LOVE these very much!!!
    My most favorite thing in the sim world!
    And I really mean it.
    I'm gonna post this on my blog tonight.
    Plus some screenies from the game.

    Thank you so much, hon for these wonderful gifts,
    I absolutely love it.

    You are amazing talented!

    NewOne :)

  2. Squee! It's gorgeous! Thank you so very much! I concur - you are amazing talented.


  3. Yays! Glad you got it Century! I was very proud of how he came out. Did I get his name right? Sapphire, the other character was Gibson? I briefly skimmed over your stories to try to get an idea of the character too.

    Thank you to both of ya! ;D It was fun to draw, and I love it when people like my work!

  4. You did get his name right, but *cry* I can't get it to show up in my game! I downloaded the other two pictures, and they work, but no Sapphire. I don't know if I've done something wrong - I've never had problems installing any other CC. I did re-download it and tried again, but still no luck.

    I was going to take pictures in-game and put them up on my LJ. I'll try downloading it again, but I won't be able to see if it works until I get home tonight.

  5. Pop into chat, I'm online right now, I can send you files directly, I think.

  6. Updated the download file, now it's the Sims3pack version. Anyone experiencing this problem may need to redownload this instead. Sorry for inconvenience. I must've goofed something up. Sorry.


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