Abstract Photography Set

Download Folder (Please note .rar = Package files and .Sims3Pack = Sims3Pack files)

Series of six abstract photographs by my boyfriend, Silverbane.  These were done by using a long exposure (unsure what specific camera settings he used) and pointing the camera at some fluorescent lights and neons and spinning it around back and forth.  Very neat effects for such a simple feat XD  I've done minor editing to add a little bit of a canvas texture albeit unnoticeable in game.

Now I've uploaded Sims3Pack versions of these as well.  So, the above download link is to the entire folder.  The folder contains BOTH the package and sims3pack files.  You only need one or the other.  There is a .rar file titled with "ALL" in the name, it contains all package files.  If you want to download everything, just get that one file.  The Sims3Pack files are not zipped at all, so you can identify easily which is which.  I may begin using primarily Sims3Pack files for ease of download.  Those files will be installed by the Sims 3 Launcher and should have no problems.  You can also easily find these items in game by choosing to show custom content only.

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  1. I love these. The colors are gorgeous. Thank you!

  2. Thanks. My boyfriend let me make paintings out of his stuff. More coming. Hee hee, make him involved with Sims 3 whether he likes it or not! XD


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