Sacred is a design I had created as a symbol for a fictional band some friends and I conceived of.  All in complete humor of course.  We were a bunch of chicks, whom none of us play instruments and are in no way musicians.  However, we would be called "Sacred Snatch" so guys would bow down and worship our greatness.  For men worship the sacred snatch ;D  So, I've shortened the title of this to just "Sacred" so it won't be overly offensive, as apparently, some people are offended by "Sacred Snatch".  If you're one of those people, too bad.  It's a tribal snatch tattoo, so maybe this isn't the tattoo choice for you.  It's in no way graphic, just symbolic.  And besides, it's probably the prettiest knotwork I've ever designed, as I'm terrible with symmetry.  No need to point out symmetrical errors, I'm perfectly aware of them ;P  Warning, this tat is so hawt your sim may spontaneously catch fire.  (not really, she's a pyro so sets herself on fire)

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