Grave Angels & DC Photography

Download (Silverbane Set)

Download (GillianIvy Set)

The first set depicted is the photography of my boyfriend, Silverbane.  These pictures were taken at a graveyard in Arlington, VA.  A total of six paintings in the set.  All are depicting angelic figures.  The second set is some of my own, very colorful photography, taken around Arlington and DC.  I enjoy taking night photography with long exposures to let the light "paint" the canvas.  The set is a total of 4 paintings.  All total is 10 paintings.

The download links take you to the folders which contain the Sims3Pack files only.  For paintings, I will likely only be doing Sims3Pack, unless it is requested otherwise.  These include new and improved custom thumbnails (I'm finally getting the hang of this whole thumbnail thing) with "The Rejected" upload thumbnail.  There are two reasons I chose to use Sims3Pack instead.  1). No third party software or game modifications required to install.  2).  These have custom launcher icons and you can choose display only custom items in catalog to find easily.  My apologies to anyone who'd prefer .package files, please feel free to request packages instead as I do make both files anyway.

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