Lovecraft & Sunburst Body Tats


I present to you, my first ever tattoo set.  There are two pieces.  Lovecraft, which is a tattoo design I drew for my second ex-fiance (that's right, two ex-fiances, go me!).  The design is based off of a cover art for an HP Lovecraft book which depicts lots of skulls, a tree with a spider web cocoon wrapped around a body and some rats and spiders.  Perfect for spooky Halloween sims.  I know neither which book it's from nor the name of the artist, I'm sure a little Googling and I can scrounge them up, when I do (or if you know, please don't hesitate to send me the links), I'll add in the credits where they are due.  A link to my artwork version will be at the bottom of this post.  The second is a simple stripey tribal burst pattern.  I call it Sunburst.  It was a design from a stock paintbrush set posted at DeviantART, the link to get that set and credit to the creator will be at the bottom of this post.  Though it is two tone, and I even set up two color channels, I was unable to recolor it in CAS, it kept skipping to the socks or earrings or random other accessory.  If anyone knows a solution to that, please let me know.  Fortunately, I made it a lovely shade of red ;D

Also, I've created custom thumbnails so you can easily find these.  They are categorized under bracelets, following KittyKlan's Tattoo Slot Placement Conventions, which I will attempt to conform to in order to keep my creations layerable with her tattoos.  So chances are, if you have any Robokitty/KittyKlan tattoo's, you will be able to mix and match with mine.  These are both under bracelet to represent chest tattoo.  If you wish to recategorize yours to fit your needs you will need the program CTU or TSR Workshop and will have to manually change which category.  For help with either program, please see those programs threads/tutorials.  Apologies for the fact my thumbnails text doesn't line up, the image you need to make the thumb is square, but in CAS, it is not.  And I didn't realize this and did not save a PSD file of my thumbs and really didn't want to remake them.  Next time will be better.  I had a whole heapload of trouble getting my thumbs to show up properly, but that's a whole 'nother story right there!

Additional Credits:

Model Sim:
Thanks to MS3B for featuring these (and commenting)!


  1. Hey, your very first tattoo! Cool!
    Funny thing is I'm listening to Jordin Sparks' Tattoo when I'm writing this.
    How funny is that?
    Good job, Gillian!
    And oh wow MS3B commented on this post. How cool! :)

  2. was perfect thank you for sharing..

  3. NewOne, yeah, I was surprised to see a comment from MS3B. And thrilled to see another piece featured again. Really inspires to create better things.

    Mariarita, you're welcome, glad you like them. Thanks for commenting ;D

  4. Oh excellent, especially the Lovecraft one - but then again I'm a huge Lovecraft fan.

    I believe the artist is Michael Whelan - I know I've got that book somewhere but I couldn't find it.

  5. That sounds familiar. But I think Michael Whelan is another author??? Or maybe he's an artist who's done many of the books I've read, I know his name. I mostly read Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I generally do judge a book by it's cover and look at the artist's name of the books I read. I always figure, if the author has similar taste in art as me, then I might like their books ;D


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