Sanshi-Suimei Geisha

Download (Navigate to Database:Sanshi-Suimei:Exclusive CC)

This lovely Geisha mask is created exclusively for the neighborhood project Sanshi-Suimei at Builder's Boulevard. There will be more in this series all for this project. If you want to download it, you'll have to go check out the project first. Hopefully, some of you will be interested in joining. We need more creators, as we are in the custom content phase. We're a community of Sims 3 builders, some architects and landscapers or interior decorators. The project is in the first phase.

The face has 4 color channels. When all are set to white the make-up is red around eyes, face is white and iris is white/grey. The 4th channel is a tinting, it colors everything, so be careful with it, it was kinda a fluke. It was originally for eyeliner, but it seems to tint everything.

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