Super Pogimon's Sims (Zombie & Vampire)

Super Pogimon who made these sims

Patient X


Mr. Fertilizer Man


(except Patient X, which EA removed)

Custom Contents Used:
(Super Pogimon, I don't know CC for Patient X, can you post in comments please? I copied this info from the Halloween Showcase thread, let me know if I need to make any changes)

Make Up

GillianIvy is the awesome! :)


For more spine chilling pictures link here


  1. To Super Pogimon:

    We need the download links of your sims.
    Thank you so much for uploading them here. They're creepy awesome! :)

    And we also need the link/credits to creators of the Custom Content you used in screenies i.e the fishnet, etc.
    We don't want to make them upset, do we? ;)

    And I think we lost one of your pics here (Mr. Fertilizer) The one with the title in pic like your other pics.

    If you don't mind you can post the link of that pic and we'll add that to your thread.

    Again, thank you so much for submitting your upload here! :)

  2. And I almost forget:

    You can also add the traits, background stories of these sims if you want.
    And I'm sorry but we lost your main text when we edited this, could you please write it again?
    I am really sorry about this.

    Thank you so much! :)


  3. Super Pogimon, I really love what you did with my masks. So creative and cool. I hope they get picked for the Halloween Showcase.

    He actually got temporarily suspended from TS3 and forums for "Patient X" (boo TS3!!!), but the others are still all available on his page. SuperPogimon. Please give him rec's faves and download his sims there, and of course, in order to see these properly in your games, my "This is Halloween" masks are required, found on this blog.

    He's got a lot of cool uploads in his studio, and is a member of Builder's Boulevard.

  4. Hello Newone08 and GillianIvy. Sorry i forgot to post the link for the fishnet... here it is:

    I cant see the link for the cross earrings I used for AC/DSim but I will try to look for it again.

    The link for Mr. Fertilizers lost pic is here,

    Sorry guys, my Patient X was removed by EA from the Sims Exchange and suspended my account for 3 days. It's funny they were asking for '...spine-chilling...' as posted by the guru on the thread. I gave them what they want and they suspended me? LOL. If you check the Halloween Showcase entries most are not the 'spine-chilling' they want. I'm not against with the other entries but most of them are of 'cuteness category', LOL.

    I have more horrific posing ideas with my zombies that can make my Sims 3 account permanently banned, LOL. I will try to do it and share it here... Ofcourse using your make ups and masks ;)

  5. Okay, updated links and pictures.


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