Japanese Theme Patterns

Dragon w/Cherry Blossoms
These were designed for the Builder's Boulevard resources with the Japanese themed neighborhood in mind. These are free to use. However, do not redistribute claiming as your own, nor upload to pay sites. You may include with your lots or Sims, however, please give credit/link back in either description, story or in your blog sections and please notify me of usage.  This pattern comes in 2 sizes. It features a unique specular mapping, so only certain parts should be shiny. (tested in game, seems super shiny, but good for satin fabrics) I do not know the meaning of the Kanji, however a moderator looked it up to find out it means "cherry blossom" ;D

Japanese Dragon Script

This pattern is designed for the Builder's Boulevard resources for the Japanese theme. There are 2 sizes with various 'dirt' layers. Layer 3 or 4 would be dirt layer. Default specular. If there's only 2 layers, it's the clean version with only two recolorable channels. 8 patterns total for this set. The screenshots with the stacks of blocks are illustrating the variances. Dirt1 and 2 are very slight, DoubleDirt is very drastic, it has both Dirt1 and 2. The effects you can achieve can alter the entire color of the pattern as an accent or add a bit of grunginess or even blood (without the splatter, more just excess red)

More to come!

Additional Credits:
  • These patterns were created using Delphy's Pattern Packager

Dragon Floral Credits:
ONLY Stock PS Brushes were used

Dragon Script Credits:

ONLY Stock PS Brushes were used

Thank you to those wonderful creators who made it a lot easier than drawing all of that by hand myself. ;D Considering I hate drawing scales and my flowers suxor. I'd need a reference any way.

The moderator who reviewed your submission also had the following suggestions/hints:
I looked up your character for you... it means "cherry blossom". You can edit your text with that info if you like
So thanks to the moderator who researched that for me. And that's cool since I used it with Cherry Blossoms in the pattern. I must've known on a subconscious level due to all the anime I've subjected myself to.

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