10 Tees For Female (YA/A)

Hi All!

I realized I haven't made anything
for my female sims other than some lower back tattoos.

So I decided to make some stencil shirts for them, in total there's 10 shirts.
These are good for casual outfit but your sims can wear
them anytime/any occasion they want.
Yes, you can find them in all category outfit.

And they are recolorable except for the stencil part.
Also they are non default and for YA/A Female.

Enjoy and Happy Simming, Everyone!

(Click the pics to make them bigger)



Model by Me
Scarlett, from here

Custom Content I used
Skin by 234jiao

Hair by Winterine

Delphy, for CTU Tool

All creators above for making great CC! Thankies!
My Model Scarlett

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