Preview of Things to Come

This is just a preview of my current Full mask Sim. His eyebrows will be different, and the face mask still needs some adjustments, and he'll have a body mask as well, so he'll match no matter what skin you have as your default. I may make him some custom tattooing, which will be in separate parts. The character Guile Reignson is a character my boyfriend would use for FPS games and had never been actually invented. Only a name. So I've pilfered him to be my legacy Sim. And decided to try to give him some slightly Asian features.

Unintentionally, he started to look kinda like a cute Asian boy of DeviantART, BehindInfinity. So I tried (without reference) to elaborate on that and make it more like him. Then an idea dawned on me. Ichigo from Bleach. BehindInfinity often cosplays Ichigo. So I gave him bright orange hair. The hairstyle in the image is just to show his face, undecided what his actual hair will finally be. Which won't be included in the Sim, any way, as I don't know how to mesh hair ;P So this character is loosely based on BehindInfinity cosplaying Ichigo.

I'll be making him a bit more unique, so his end resemblances may be minimal. Also, I may come up with a story for him. I don't recall all his character traits at the moment, though I think he'd be set more towards military/law enforcement career track, or even criminal if he went rogue. Because of his origins of first person shooter games. I would enjoy some feedback.

Details and Credits:
  • Custom Mask (blush) by GillianIvy using stock skin PS brushes plus eye mask using stock photo reference. Please take note before/after images the horrible eye crease thing is gone!
  • Custom Eyebrows (not shown) by GillianIvy using stock photo reference (still working on).
  • Hair by Bosie -Spectre- PeggyG MHair010 Edit (subject to change style)
  • Pudding Face pictured with my Color Splash Lashes
  • Thanks to Stefan for his idea of making masks as blushes instead of costume so you can layer make-ups and other costume items (such as piercings, freckles, CC which use costume category)
  • and of course, CTU and Delphy and the CTU team.

Kinks and issues:
  • Eyeshadow and eyeliners by Maxis do not layer. However eye shadows which use the "mask" option from CTU do show up. I've only tried one CC item which has this, unknown for others. Maxis lipsticks do show up.


  1. Thanks Newone for all the tips, I'll repost when I've updated.

  2. Take your time.
    No need to rush cause you wanna make him as a masterpiece (remember?)

    I'm glad I could help you with the tips.



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