Eye Flare


My first attempts at a splash of make-up. A bit of color and flare. Enabled for both male and female. Fiery Eyes and Color Splash Lashes. I've packaged them both together. I think they're both enabled for all ages except toddler/child. One issue, the Color Splash Lashes might not look as good on some face shapes. Notice the male face has rounder cheeks and lower eyebrows, so the "teardrops" aren't straight looking and the shadow area isn't as full.

Well, they were a learning practice for me. I hope someone will enjoy them. Also file size may be a tad big. on Fiery Eyes. I think I should have saved it the more compressed DDS files, but was concerned how they'd look. Maybe there's a tutorial on MTS I should have a glance over. ;D

Additional Credits:

  • Delphy's CTU, without which Sims 3 would be lame.

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