Get Your Rocks!


I found the landscaping decorations to be lacking a bit of variety. So I've extracted these giant rocks, the smallest of which is as tall as a sim's plumbbob as seen in the screenshots above. They're all priced as 25 simoleons which is in the middle of the rock catalog. I'll soon be uploading the mountainous rock set and there will be one more set of miscellaneous rocks after that.

Now these rocks are huge. But still may be useful for some full scale terraforming. Also, it seems if you create a house first, then put the rock right smack on top of it, your sims can go through it and live in a big cave... How useful is that? Well, for creative neighborhoods, it could be fun. When the rock is placed first, it doesn't seem like the sim will walk through it. These may be good in large waterscapes. There are some rocks I haven't extracted yet labeled waterfall, so they might be quite useful for creative terrain artists.

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