Double Flashed Siding

Double FlashedDownload
This was created as per request for Peacemaker_ic on Builders Boulevard. He noticed a lacking in siding with the flash on both sides. He requested a pattern, but I made a wall first. The pattern will take a little extra effort. I just wanted to see how easy it would be to throw together a wall. I'm pleased to discover it's relatively easy. These walls will come in handy for fireplaces and small outdoor walling areas like bay windows. I'll try to fulfill the rest of his request later on. These are fully recolorable and under the walls category, the same price as the matching walls. They match fully with those in the game. I'll be attempting ones with 2 color channels so flashing will be separate later, and making patterns to match so objects would be colorable with this. Hope this helps out Peacemaker.

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