DMCA File Suspension

One of my files on is facing a DMCA report.  Which is strange, as it isn't even custom content or anything.  It is an Exchange file, a household (and the household + building) which were made for a Builder's Boulevard Challenge in 2011.  I filed a counter-claim, as those files were made by me through the Sims 3 game.  I do not understand why they would be copyright infringing.  If so, the entire website or The Sims Resource and every single Sims 3 custom content site is in violation.  

I'm posting this so others know that my Mediafire hosted files may be at risk for downloading.  I believe I am not in any violation.  I do not know who the claimant is, though searching for my file names on Google showed many sites are hosting my files.  Which leads me to believe someone else is claiming them as theirs and trying to take mine down.  I have the original Exchange upload on the Sims 3 website and my original Forum post in 2011 with the information and links to my creations.  Below is my counter-claim.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Should I include any other information?  Am I in any violation and how?

These files are Sims 3 package files, not premium content or hacks.  The files were created using The Sims 3 game and packaged using the game's uploader.  There was a file error which did not allow uploading to the Sims 3 website's exchange.  
The custom content in the files only work if the person has custom content installed in their game.  
I created the in game characters and building in 2011:
Searching for this, I have found multiple sites hosting my files.  I am the creator of those files and no game files are included with the package.  It only contains the files created by the game's uploading tools.
Here is the link to my Sims 3 Exchange file:
The Sims 3 allows for users to upload content from the game to their website.  I do not understand how these files are in violation.  Any custom content is not included in the file, they are automatically replaced by defaults in game.
I am not concerned about the files, the building package is in my Exchange files on the Sims 3 website.  This file is the household package which is the Sims family + the house.  I am concerned that there is a claim against me, are there charges/chance of acct suspension?  I have other Sims 3 creations which are not rips of the game.  Are they in danger of being suspended?
Who has made the copyright claim against me and why?  The files are what is permitted by The Sims 3 to upload to their site.  There was an error during upload, so I hosted the files on Mediafire instead.  Is there something wrong with doing this?
If you need more information, please let me know.
Thank you,

Wow, it really looks like those Build-n-share Sims have been around the world.  These files are hosted so many places without my permission.  I wonder how many other Mediafire files are downloaded and hosted elsewhere.  Morena and Malcom are a Sims 3 couple named after Firefly characters (they do not actually look like the characters, I just used the names).  Their household is "Rustique Romantic".

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